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Lori Hepler | First Team Real Estate

Keeping it Real and Having Fun, would be a motto for how Lori Hepler feels about Real Estate. Lori grew up in Orange County, and comes from a construction family. Her family moved to Yorba Linda in the late 70's. After going to UCLA, she settled back in Orange County, and made her way into the real estate industry. Lori has seen and enjoyed the many changes and growth of the communities she services.

After years of being in the business, Lori chose First Team Real Estate and Christies International Real Estate to help her service her clients real estate needs. "I realize that mu customers are making the biggest purchase so we take pride in overseeing the details of the sale and contracts to make sure the clients best interests are being represented." Real estate changes daily, and communication with the client is essential. "It goes a long when we can keep the client informed with the progression of the deal, and to let them know we are working to get their deal done." Protecting our client and saving them money and making them money is our job, and we respect our role as their advisor and protector. We are there to reassure them when there are bumps in the process.

First Team also uses administrative coordinators who Lori uses to handle the paperwork, disclosures, and documents. They work to keep us organized and on track with our transactions. Having satisfied clients makes our job fun and fulfilling.

Lori works many cities in the Orange County and Riverside County California. She especially likes to work in the Luxury and Single Family Residences. She also has much experience in investment properties, and foreclosure properties. With the 25 offices and the 2000 agents working as a team, Lori and her clients can feel confident that their homes are being seen 3X around the globe, and her buying clients have choices in buying a home for their families.